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18 / 07 / 2016

PHP OO Class

This class generate thumb from images with frienldy directives and settings from url on HREF attribute from IMG tag on HTML.

  • PHP > 5.4;
  • PHP GD;

Getting Started


It’s necessary setup two folder on PHPicture.ini file:

  • [images_folder] – folder from all your images;
  • [cache_folder] – folder from a cache generation;
How its works:

Call all your images from HTML5 to PHPicture project. See the example below: If you install PHPicture project on the folder called myimg, and all your images are on the public/img folder, so change your HTML IMG SRC attribute to:

http://[absolute or relative path]/myimg/photo.png

Load the image from public/img folder.

http://[absolute or relative path]/myimg/photo-w:100-h:100.png

Resize this image to 100×100.

http://[absolute or relative path]/myimg/photo-w:140-h:120-b:e1e1e1.png

Resize this image to 140×120 and the fill the background with the hexdecimal color (b = background color parameter);

http://[absolute or relative path]/myimg/photo-f:jpg-q:9.png

Load image png in jpg format with 9 of compression. (q = quality parameter)



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